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BrightStar Group are experts in anything related with developing and penetrating new markets in the Aerospace field.


Due to their knowledge of the market, numerous companies rely on BrightStar Group to perform technology, innovation and partnership scouting for them; in Israel and around the world.


BrighStar’s team identifies new opportunities and technologiesto be exploited and also develops the strategies and processesto secure successful positions in the market while improvingthe performance of existing operations.


Thanks to its proven track record and solid reputation in theAerospace field, BrightStar Group has been appointed by the IsraeliMinistry of Economy to manage the IAMF (Israel AerospaceManufacturing Federation).


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Why going abroad?


The Aerospace Industry is now witnessing an unprecedented growth.


During 2013 the OEMs received orders for Airplanes, at a magnitude of the existing fleets in the world.


The civil aviation sector is growing rapidly.


The Civilian world market size today is: 221 billion dollars. The markets is expected to grow to 730 billion dollars within 20 years.


This rapid growth had put extreme pressure on all OEMs and their main partners. As a result, there is a true opportunity for companies around the world to expand their business by 20% to 50%.


This translates into enormous potential and huge opportunities, in the civil sector:

  • for collaboration and forming of joint ventures

  • for production of subassembly establishing Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) facilities

  • for production of avionics, components and accessories and more.